To date, over 39 million smart speakers have been sold. The most prevalent of those being the Amazon offering, featuring Alexa, the smart assistant. The digital AI is a convenient way to get the weather, add an item to your to-do list, or to listen to an audio book with a simple voice command. Alexa Skills are applications that enable Alexa to do more, just like apps on your phone. New skills are added almost weekly.

You may not think of Alexa as a desk-side companion at the workplace, but you should. Voice technology is changing the way people do business, and its impact will only continue to grow. Analysts predict that 30% of web browsing will be screenless in 2020, and that voice technology will be a $10 Billion dollar business.

How VoiceXP is Helping Businesses Become Leaders in Voice Technology

VoiceXP is the industry leader in managed voice technology for enterprise businesses.
The VoiceXP team creates custom skills for business that integrate with common business applications like Salesforce, Oracle, Qlik, and other API-based data sources, making interacting with complex business software as easy as chatting with a friend.
The potential for companies of any size to have a digital assistant that can immediately find and report crucial information, pull data, and more via user voice commands is the future of business.

Now imagine using voice technology as a marketing tool for your business!
VoiceXP is also helping businesses become leaders in Conversational User Interfaces(CUI) marketing. The VoiceXP team turns the smart speaker into a powerful digital wealth of knowledge, loaded with respective data that is custom tailored to your business. Leveraging voice technology as a digital sales force allows companies to elevate the way they do business and interact with customers.

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Elevate your Business with Voice Technology

Are you ready to elevate your business? VoiceXP can help!
Our data-driven approach allows executives to make informative decisions based upon real-time interactions with customers. Our team consists of Alexa Champions and Sales and Marketing leaders, who are dedicated to helping your business become the market leader in your industry.

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