VoiceXP Partners

These are the partners we’ve hand selected to work with to help build the voice industry and power our Voice Experience solutions to help enterprise and small business innovate and grow.  If you’d like to discuss a partner or learn how you can join our Partner Program, schedule a meeting to talk 1:1 to a member of our team. 


We use Amzon for just about everything.  Our production environments use the AWS EC2, API Gateway, Lamba, S3, DynamoDB and Alexa Services. 


We use Dynatrace for our Enterprise-grade Application Performance Monitoring and proactive notification using DAVIS.


Our disaster recovery and our development, staging, and test environments are all powered by CenturyLink Cloud.  

Bespoken Tools

We use Bespoken Tools to power our local development environments as well as do monitoring and testing with their awesome tools.  We love their llamas!

Pulse Labs

We use Pulse Labs for user testing with our customers.  This lets us find out if the skill is a good experience or not. This Amazon backed tool is great for feedback.

Jovo Framework

We use the Jovo Framework when customers want custom Alexa Skills and Google Actions at the same time.  We like standard deployments and management.


Some customers want to mock up their Skill or action and have us manage it.  When that’s the case, we use Smartly.ai.


We partnered with Soundhound to use their advanced Soundify AI to deliver custom Alexa Skills that are context aware.

Bot Analytics

We use Bot Analytics to get in-depth metrics and data about your Skills that we provide through an easy to use Dashboard.


We are proud to be The First company to sponsor the VoiceFirst.fm podcasts! This is the industry leading Podcast for Voice enthusiasts. 

Alexa Conference

We are proud to be a major sponsor at the Alexa Conference!  We encourage everyone who wants to learn about Alexa to attend.


We are humbled to work with awesome industry news leader VoiceBot.ai to share relevant content and information.


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