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The #1 reason Alexa Skills and Google Actions don’t get used is because the business doesn’t know how to promote or market them. Our customers don’t have that problem because they use our exclusive Voice Marketing Plan to generate immediate and consistent engagement. We’ll help you launch big and coach you over 90 days to help drive repeat engagement, and meet your business goals, and provide ROI.

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Market Tested For The Past 3 Years

Our EXCLUSIVE Voice Marketing Plan Generates ROI

Generate Leads

Drive Repeat Engagement

Works with existing marketing


Our EXCLUSIVE Voice Marketing Plan includes

90+ Day Plan

Our exclusive 90+ day calendar and step by step guide to ensure success

3 month Consultation

90 days of expert coaching to ensure that your custom business goals are met

EXCLUSIVE Alexa Marketing Campaign in a Box Template

Everything you need to have Alexa make your business money

Content Strategy Template

Our experts know what to say, when and how to say it; and we’ll show you how!

Conversation Design Guide

Easily keep track of your voice content with our exclusive Conversation Design Guide

Voice Strategy and Roadmap Templates

Easily capture your goals and define a voice strategy and roadmap with our exclusive templates

Best Practices Guide

The best ways to craft high converting Voice Experience Engagements

Example Goals and Metrics

Our team will help create a custom strategy for success and monitor the progress along the way by tracking goals and metrics

Launch Checklist

Everything you need to make your launch a success

Press Release Template

Fill out our template, Send to Press, Blow Up! It’s that simple.

Social Media Ad Templates

Easily create your social media ads to market your Voice Experience SaaS  with our templates

Voice Icons and Badges

We will give you the graphics you need to successfully market

This information isn’t available anywhere else! 

VoiceXP is the only SaaS company who has developed and market-tested a Voice Marketing Plan for our customers.  For the past 2 years, we’ve taken the lessons learned from marketing Voice Experience® and included everything a business needs to be successful and drive results with voice technology.  In addition to our exclusive Voice Marketing Plan, our fanatical customer support team will provide 90 days of coaching to ensure your success.

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The Benefits of Voice

What does Voice do for my customers?

✅   Ask Alexa about your business
✅   Reduces friction by providing information easier
✅   Saves time by providing information faster
✅   Instantly access your business from anywhere, anytime
✅   Alexa will send them a coupon/offer via SMS text message
✅   Get help, support or troubleshooting information
How can this impact your revenue?

✅   Generate Leads

✅   Book New Appointments

✅   Access decision makers

✅   Excite sellers and partners

✅   Helps increase sales conversions

✅   Include product pitch, position, and even sales traps

✅   Onboard and train better and faster

✅   Differentiate from your competition


How can this impact your Marketing?

✅   Our Alexa Marketing Campaign in a Box is proven success

✅   Scale Brand Communications to a New Channel

✅   Generate Leads for Sales

✅   Out-Innovate your competition

✅   Increase foot-traffic to tradeshow, conference, and event booths

✅   Differentiates your brand

✅   Make your booth memorable and exciting

✅   Achieve Marketing MBO’s

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Customer Testimonials

What they’re saying

Effective Marketing Campaign

The Alexa Marketing Campaign in a Box excited the entire channel.  Our partners and sellers love it!

Tina Smith

VP of Marketing, CenturyLink

Differentiate Your Brand

Our customers loved the Echo Show and Alexa Skill. We bundled it with our Holiday gift campaign.  They said they had never seen anything like it before.

Oliver Muenz-Winkler

Director of Communications, Clayco

Generate More Leads

It’s easier for people to learn about our properties and contact a leasing agent using Alexa than it is our website.  When someone says “contact a leasing agent”, our leasing agent gets a text with the leads phone number in real-time.

Jassen Johnson

CEO, Tower Real Estate Group

Make It Easy For Your Customers

We worked with VoiceXP to be the first law firm in the world to have an Alexa skill.  It helped our firm differentiate and generate leads.  It was easy to fit into our existing marketing activities. People ask me about it all the time.

Mark Cantor

CEO, Cantor Injury Law

Get More Foot-Traffic To Your Booth

Using the CenturyLink Alexa Skill at our tradeshow booth definitely brought more people in and it was easy to have Alexa tell them about what we do and our products.

Andy Watson

Sr. Product Manager, CenturyLink

Disrupt Your Industry

I was the first platinum music artist to have an Alexa skill.  That’s historic.   I can see every artist having their own Alexa Skill from VoiceXP in the future.  It’s a better way to engage the fans and control my content.


Platinum Recording Artist, Columbia Records

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not successful,
we’re not successful

24/7 Proactive Support

If you need to make a last minute change, we’re here for you.  We also provide a dedicated customer service representative to onboard you onto the VoiceXP platform. We also provide coaching for the first 90 days to help plan, execute, and track your success.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, we’ll give you your money back, less setup fee.  We are confident our easy to use platform, white glove on-boarding, voice marketing plan, and great support will make your Voice Experience® SaaS a successful one.

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