Crush Re:Invent 2018!

Use Alexa at your tradeshow booths to generate more foot traffic, MQL and show-off your innovation. VoiceXP can help!

CenturyLink’s Results
with VoiceXP’s Exclusive
Alexa Marketing Campaign:

  • More Foot Traffic at tradeshow tradeshows and events
  • Higher Engagement at tradeshows and events
  • New Appointments
  • Access to C-Level
  • Partners and Sellers Excited
  • Higher Sales Conversions
  • Perfect Product Pitch

CenturyLink Testimonial Video:

Gartner predicts 75% of US Households will have smart speakers by 2020.

VoiceXP will help your business unlock the new voice channel immediately.

Tech-savvy Marketers are using Alexa to:

  • Achieve Marketing Objectives
  • Support Sales Objectives
  • Scale Brand Communication
  • Increase Sales Conversions
  • Out-innovate their Competition
  • Practice Digital Transformation
  • Differentiate their Business

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