The uses for conversational user interface (UI) experiences are rapidly increasing. Thus creating a surge in demand for voice-forward products and services. As a result, Amazon extended Alexa to third-party device makers via the Alexa Voice Service (AVS).   Alexa Voice Service provides the programming interfaces to easily add cloud-based intelligence and hands-free voice control to connected products. The AVS Device SDK further simplifies the experience of voice-enabling your product. By leveraging the SDK, developers can quickly create device software and get to market faster with Alexa-enabled products.

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What is in the SDK?

The AVS Device SDK provides C++-based libraries which enable devices to process audio inputs and triggers, establish persistent connections with AVS, and handle all Alexa interactions. The SDK also includes the capability agents which leverage the AVS API to handle core Alexa functionality, including speech recognition and synthesis, and other capabilities such as streaming media, timers and alarms, notifications, weather reports, and thousands of custom skills.

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Created for Commercial Device Makers

The Amazon Developer team has  been working with more than 50 commercial device makers during their invite-only developer preview. The response to the SDK has been positive, as users state that it has allowed them to quickly integrate their product or software with Alexa, and drastically cutting down on development time. The SDK is now generally available to all developers and Alexa enthusiasts, with tutorials, documentation, and a sample app to get started.

You can get started by visiting the Amazon Developers site and checking out their Getting Started With the AVS Device SDK tutorial to learn about the SDK and the basics of getting it up and running. Get the AVS Device SDK from GitHub to build your prototype using the sample app for Raspberry Pi and set up your development environment. Visit the Amazon AVS Device SDK page on the developer portal to learn more about how you can Alexa-enabled products faster using the SDK.




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