Voice technology is an exploding industry and it is quickly moving from a fun, cool tech to have in your home to changing the way business gets done.
Amazon’s Alexa has gained 14,000 skills in the last year alone, and the pace it not slowing down anytime soon. What is evolving are the use cases for voice interfaces such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Home; and how businesses small and large can leverage them to elevate their business.

Alexa Skill of the Week

In an effort to help businesses stay up to date on the latest voice technology we started a weekly blog series to highlight applications and skills for businesses. In this weeks series, we are highlighting a skill that allows the user to harness their data via voice.

Voice Metrics is an Amazon Alexa skill that takes real-time data and allows users to create custom briefings. This allows the end user to access a read out of their business critical data via voice. The skill requires an Amazon account and a Zapier account to help create a custom business briefing. Voice Metrics integrates with services such as Google SheetsSlack, and any other data source integrated with Zapier to pull data on anything from sales metrics, number of new customers, or the status update of each department in your business. While the skill does takes some time to create the customization, the data you get in return is well worth it.

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