Association of Talent Development ATD Learn St. Louis Conference

Talent development professionals have a choice to learn how to program voice assistants or soon be programmed by them.  It’s part of the Voice First movement that is creeping into every classroom of those who understand the scalable nature, consistent messaging, and training delivery techniques that now appear in the format of a conversational bot.

At the Learn St. Louis Conference hosted by the Association for Talent Development St. Louis group, those responsible for the learning function were exposed to ideas never thought possible, especially because less than 5% said they owned a smart speaker.

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Some key takeaways participants mentioned included:

  • Programming frequently asked questions into Amazon Alexa.
  • Repurposing the office policy into a conversational format.
  • Developing an unconscious level of competence of language with leaders to reinforce in communications.

ATD Amazon Alexa Skill

One deliverable the ATD St. Louis chapter received was their own Amazon Alexa Skill to share the benefits of joining, participation, and the value propositions from its affiliation.


Think of Amazon Alexa as its own learning management system.  All of the content created by human resources can now be repurposed into a conversational format which is much more natural and easier than point/click behavior on a computer screen.

VoiceXP can Help Your Business Embark on the Voice Experience™ Technology Journey 

VoiceXP is dedicated to helping businesses not just leverage the possibilities of voice, but become market leaders in their respective industry. VoiceXP creates custom Voice Experiences™  for the best brands in the world, learn how.

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Top 5 Voice books

Top 5 Voice Experience Books You Must Read in 2017

A new era of computing is upon us, one where advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence are creating an explosion of interest in understanding and creating natural language processing and conversational interfaces. Platforms such as Amazon and Google are building user experiences leveraging voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Currently, over 30 million consumers have voice assistants in their homes, creating the potential for conversation as the new mode of interaction with technology. Now the new challenge facing developers is how to build a user experience that’s modeled after a natural human conversation.

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Perfecting the Voice Experience

The top platforms are in a race to perfect the voice experience. Amazon has offered a means for Alexa developers to monetize their skills on its app store. New skills, use cases, and functionality are added to platforms at an exuberant pace. For those who are interested in how to create the perfect voice experience, or just for those who want to understand what the evolution of voice means to the future of computing, there are 5 books that any voice enthusiast should read. These books outline the basic mechanics of conversation, introduce core principles to design by, and present readers with practical UI toolkits to start creating conversational experiences that engage, delight, and truly help users.

Top 5 Voice Experience Books

Designing Voice User Interfaces: Principles of Conversational Experiences by Cathy Pearl

Wired for Speech: How Voice Activates and Advances the Human-Computer Relationship by Clifford Nass Scott Brave 

Designing Bots: Creating Conversational Experiences by Amir Shevat

VoiceXP can Help Your Business Embark on the Voice Experience™ Technology Journey 

VoiceXP is dedicated to helping businesses not just leverage the possibilities of voice, but become market leaders in their respective industry. VoiceXP creates custom Voice Experiences™  for the best brands in the world, learn how.

Contact one of our Voice Ambassadors Today!

Platinum Recording Artist Chingy Promotes New Single With Amazon Alexa

Where: Live on VoiceXP Office Hours, VoiceXP Facebook Page, YouTube Live.

*Those unable to join us in person are welcome to attend “virtually” by registering here. A recording of the video will be available after the event for those who need it.  Just ask!

Watch the recording here

Why:  Chingy has always prided himself in being someone who pushes the envelope, and with the release of his new single, “FYR,” he’s doing it with a first of its kind use of voice technology. Partnering with Voice XP, Chingy will start the process of distributing material in a way never before used in the music industry.

You will be able to:

  • Play Chingy’s new single and EP.
  • Get information and updates on his live tour.
  • Get personal biographical information about Chingy.
  • Play his latest video on voice devices that have that capability.

At the Thursday event Chingy will demonstrate this disruptive new way to distribute music. Through voice, he can connect with fans like never before. This is a technology with the potential to expand to cover an artist’s entire body of work. The user only has to ask!

VoiceXP, a pioneer in the world of Alexa “skills” and voice experience is the only company in the Midwest currently endorsed by Amazon as an expert in this field. Voice XP will have representatives on hand to answer questions about the “nuts and bolts.”

VoiceXP provides a complete voice experience to customers across verticals. The worlds largest brands trust VoiceXP to develop, deploy, host and manage voice solutions required to successfully engage their prospects, clients, employees, and communities using the hottest voice platforms like Amazon Alexa & Google Home. Customers are leveraging voice platforms to learn about products and services, as well as make purchases. VoiceXp is excited to be working with a platinum recording artist to create a voice marketing campaign.

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Howard Bailey, Jr. better known by his stage name Chingy, is a platinum award-winning music artist and actor. Chingy grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and began rapping in his late teens. He toured as an opening act with Nelly in the summer of 2002 and then became a protégé of Ludacris, who signed him to his newly formed Disturbing Tha Peace(DTP) record label.

Chingy will be the first music artist in history to promote his new single on Amazon Alexa, and he hired VoiceXP to create and execute the Alexa Skill. The VoiceXP team is excited to work with Chingy and his team to help his brand harness the power of voice user interfaces to promote his music to his fans, and beyond. Stay tuned to the VoiceXP blog for the launch of Chingy’s historic campaign.

Register Here to Join the Live Office Hours Webinar with VoiceXP & Chingy!

Voice Technology is Changing How Business Gets Done

To date, over 39 million smart speakers have been sold. The most prevalent of those being the Amazon offering, featuring Alexa, the smart assistant. The digital AI is a convenient way to get the weather, add an item to your to-do list, or to listen to an audio book with a simple voice command. Alexa Skills are applications that enable Alexa to do more, just like apps on your phone. New skills are added almost weekly.

You may not think of Alexa as a desk-side companion at the workplace, but you should. Voice technology is changing the way people do business, and its impact will only continue to grow. Analysts predict that 30% of web browsing will be screenless in 2020, and that voice technology will be a $10 Billion dollar business.

How VoiceXP is Helping Businesses Become Leaders in Voice Technology

VoiceXP is the industry leader in managed voice technology for enterprise businesses.
The VoiceXP team creates custom skills for business that integrate with common business applications like Salesforce, Oracle, Qlik, and other API-based data sources, making interacting with complex business software as easy as chatting with a friend.
The potential for companies of any size to have a digital assistant that can immediately find and report crucial information, pull data, and more via user voice commands is the future of business.

Now imagine using voice technology as a marketing tool for your business!
VoiceXP is also helping businesses become leaders in Conversational User Interfaces(CUI) marketing. The VoiceXP team turns the smart speaker into a powerful digital wealth of knowledge, loaded with respective data that is custom tailored to your business. Leveraging voice technology as a digital sales force allows companies to elevate the way they do business and interact with customers.

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Elevate your Business with Voice Technology

Are you ready to elevate your business? VoiceXP can help!
Our data-driven approach allows executives to make informative decisions based upon real-time interactions with customers. Our team consists of Alexa Champions and Sales and Marketing leaders, who are dedicated to helping your business become the market leader in your industry.

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