10 Steps to Developing Custom Voice Experiences™

10 Steps to Developing Custom Voice Experience™

Voice technology is rapidly growing in adoption and the use cases are expanding beyond the home and migrating into the business world. Businesses are beginning to understand that the way that consumers interact, learn, and purchase products are evolving. Based on the major adoption of voice technology to date, the predictions are that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020, according to comscore and 55% of households will have a Voice Assistant by 2022 according to VoiceBot.ai reports. Now is the time for businesses and brands to start exploring what the voice experience can do for their business. Just a few examples of the use cases for businesses are, leveraging it as a marketing tool to reach the 35+ million users of voice platforms, such as Amazon Alexa & Google Home, using it internally as a reporting and data analytics tool, or arming your sales force with a dynamic skill to present to customers.

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The Ten Steps to Developing Custom Voice Experience™ Solutions

Regardless of your business size, or the use case for which you choose to leverage voice technology, the process is the same. VoiceXP created a 10 Step Process which they use to create custom, dynamic Voice Experiences™ for customers. During the creation process, the VoiceXP team works closely with the customer to outline the key components, voice benchmarks, and audience to create a Voice Experience™ that is tailored to fit their messaging and industry. Once the software is built, tested, and verified secure, our launch team will provide creative socialization techniques to ensure widespread adoption and impact. Once the Voice Experience is live, the journey doesn’t end there, the customers Voice Ambassador provides tangible,  peripheral metrics to help the client constantly benchmark and improve their Voice Experience™ ROI.  VoiceXP’s Software-as-a-Service approach to voice technology allows for the content and messaging to be updated as needed to stay fresh, timely, and aligned with the industry, giving customers the ability to have their messaging evolve with the competitive landscape.

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VoiceXP Can Help Your Business Embark on the Voice Experience™ Technology Journey 

VoiceXP is dedicated to helping businesses not just leverage the possibilities of voice, but become market leaders in their respective industry. VoiceXP creates custom Voice Experiences™  for the best brands in the world, learn how.

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VoiceXP Alexa Skill

Amazon Alexa Skill of the Week: Alexa, Start VoiceXP

The Voice technology space is evolving at an exponential pace, and the untapped potential of marketing and connecting with customers like never before is about to explode. Amazon and Google are leading the way to provide simple and scalable platforms that customers can leverage in their homes and businesses via voice user interfaces like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. VoiceXP is dedicated to helping businesses not just leverage the possibilities of Voice Experience™ , but become market leaders in their respective industry.

Presence on the Amazon Alexa platform is the first step in your commitment to participating in the Voice First Movement.  If you have a website.  Great!  If you have a mobile app.  Even better!  What the biggest brands are missing out on today is the opportunity to have a presence on the hottest technology platform that serves over 30 million consumers across the world.  In order to establish your organization, brand, or company as a leader in technological innovation, you can learn from the VoiceXP Amazon Alexa skill as the exemplary produced by one of Amazon’s partners and two of only thirty Alexa Champions in the world.  And, it has been enhanced for the Amazon Echo Show to add more features and improve the user experience.

Amazon Alexa Skill of the Week

In an effort to help businesses stay up to date on the latest voice technology we started a weekly blog series to highlight applications and skills for businesses. In this weeks series, we are highlighting the VoiceXP skill.

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The VoiceXP skill can not only tell you about VoiceXP but it also showcases the capabilities of the platform. Use this skill with either a voice-only device or see additional content with the Echo Show. The VoiceXP skill features dynamic content that gives users an in depth look into the VoiceXP platform and it’s available services, introduces users to the VoiceXP team, which includes 2 Amazon Alexa Champions, how to get started, and more.

Here are some commands to try:

Tell me about VoiceXP.
• What is VoiceXP’s mission?
• Tell me about the team.

• How do I get started?
• Who are some customers?
• Who’s VoiceXP’s ideal customer?

• How do I contact VoiceXP?
• Tell me a fact.

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