Talent development professionals have a choice to learn how to program voice assistants or soon be programmed by them.  It’s part of the Voice First movement that is creeping into every classroom of those who understand the scalable nature, consistent messaging, and training delivery techniques that now appear in the format of a conversational bot.

At the Learn St. Louis Conference hosted by the Association for Talent Development St. Louis group, those responsible for the learning function were exposed to ideas never thought possible, especially because less than 5% said they owned a smart speaker.

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Some key takeaways participants mentioned included:

  • Programming frequently asked questions into Amazon Alexa.
  • Repurposing the office policy into a conversational format.
  • Developing an unconscious level of competence of language with leaders to reinforce in communications.

ATD Amazon Alexa Skill

One deliverable the ATD St. Louis chapter received was their own Amazon Alexa Skill to share the benefits of joining, participation, and the value propositions from its affiliation.


Think of Amazon Alexa as its own learning management system.  All of the content created by human resources can now be repurposed into a conversational format which is much more natural and easier than point/click behavior on a computer screen.

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