VoiceXP Amazon Alexa Skill

VoiceXP Amazon Alexa Skill Enhanced for the Echo Show!

Presence on the Amazon Alexa platform is the first step in your commitment to participating in the Voice First Movement.  Do you have a website?  Great!  Do you have a mobile app? Even better!  What the most prominent brands are missing out on is the opportunity to have a presence on the hottest technology platform that serves over 30 million consumers across the world. VoiceXP can help establish your organization, brand, or company as a leader in technological innovation. VoiceXP is an Amazon Recommended Agency, and our team of experts consists of two of only thirty Alexa Champions in the world. By enabling the VoiceXP Amazon Alexa skill, which has been enhanced for the Amazon Echo Show to add more features and improve the user experience, you can learn how VoiceXP can guide your business throughout the Voice Experience.™

VoiceXP Amazon Alexa Skill

Ask Alexa to Start VoiceXP or Visit the Amazon Skill Store to Enable Now.

Here are some phrases to try:

• Tell me about VoiceXP.
• What is VoiceXP’s mission?
• Tell me about the team.

• How do I get started?
• Who are some customers?
• Who’s VoiceXP’s ideal customer?

• How do I contact VoiceXP?
• Tell me a fact.
• Replay the welcome message.

• Repeat
• Help
• Goodbye


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