In a first-of-its-kind event, two Meetups 1,500 miles apart communicated face-to-face using only the power of Amazon Alexa and the Echo Show device. When the evening was through, 3 Alexa Champions had used the video calling feature of the Echo Show to connect the Phoenix and St. Louis Alexa Meetups and to provide a remote presentation.

The idea of the two Meetups using the Echo Show to gap the distance and have a combined Meetup experience came from Bob Stolzberg, founder of the Alexa Meetup in St. Louis, Missouri. Bob wanted to hold this event back in June when the Echo Show device was first shipped to customers, but the device arrived too late for the Meetup. I know Bob because we are both Alexa Champions and now we work together at VoiceXP.

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I am the founder of the Alexa Meetup in Phoenix, Arizona and the topic for August was the Echo Show. We thought this would be a great month to connect the Meetups. So, on August 24th, 2017 at 6pm MST/8pm CDT we made the call. The members of the Phoenix Meetup were still arriving and some members from the St. Louis Meetup had already left, but we had a great experience as we clearly communicated with the Echo Show.

Andrea Bianco is an Alexa Champion specializing in the smart home and is also a member of the Phoenix Alexa Meetup. She lives 100 miles south of Phoenix near Tucson, Arizona. Andrea was unable to drive to the Meetup that night, but as part of the discussion we gave Andrea a call. She taught us how to use the Echo Show to talk with family and friends including the drop-in calling feature.

We are grateful to our sponsors: DriveTime, Alexa Champions, and VoiceXP for helping us make history!

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