1. The audience is large.

There are over 65 million smart speaker owners in the US. 61% of those owners have an Amazon Alexa-enabled device, like the Echo Dot or the Echo Show. Alexa users can say “Alexa, what’s my news?” to start their briefing which usually consists of news updates from major media organizations. As a podcaster, you can create your own briefing and become a part of that feed. That’s an incredibly large audience for you to tap into!

2. Audio is passive.

You already know this, but podcast consumption has risen tremendously over the past five years. That’s because listening to audio is a passive experience. We can listen while working, while commuting, while working out. The same is true of Alexa. Alexa users can listen to so much more audio content than non-Alexa users because they can simply say “Alexa, play x” and consume content while putting on their pants, washing the dishes or falling asleep. With a briefing, you have the potential to have your audio heard by the people consuming audio content the most.

3. It’s super easy for you!  

You’re a podcaster! You already have a process for creating audio content. You already have the equipment, you know how to record and you know how to upload to the right places. A briefing is simply a micro-cast, or short podcast. Once you set it up, all you must do is record short audio clips and upload them on the backend.

Content on Alexa is like real estate. Over time, users will become accustomed to their favorite briefings and they won’t spend the time to find new ones or switch them out. Hesitating will lead to a missed opportunity!